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Wrong concepts about using purifying filtering system

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Wrong concepts about using purifying filtering system
Latest company news about Wrong concepts about using purifying filtering system

Wrong concept 1.  The higher suction power, the better product will be.


The higher suction means the higher power consumption. The noise will increase accordingly. Therefore, the suction shall be suitable for application demands, better than the higher suction.


Wrong concept 2. The higher purification rate, the better product will be.


High purification rate is not bad, but the point is whether it is necessary to keep high purification rate according to your application environment. For example, if it is used in operation room or lab, It's necessary to keep high air cleanliness, but in a factory workshop, there will be no necessary to keep the high purification rate as well as in hospital operation room. Becuase the higher purification rate , the higher wind resistance will be, so the cost will be double.


Wrong concept 3. The more stations a machine can take over, the better product will be.


A purification device's maximum inlet pressure is fixed. The more the connected stations are, the higer pressure loss will be, so the suction of individual station will be smaller; As a result, smoke dust can not be completely sucked into the device, but it is directly discharged outside the workshop or outdoors. Therefore, specific number of stations able to be connected depend upon the amount of smoke dust at each station.


Wrong concept 4. The lower rate of the filter elements are replaced, the better.


Under the premise of guaranteeing suction rate and filtering effect, the lower rate of the filter elements are replaced, the better. However, a filter element have a nominal saturation degree, so if the higher the field smoke dust is, the faster the filter element will become invalid and saturated;That is to say, the replacement prequency will be definitely higher. This is unavoidable, but specific selection depends upon environmental status. Suppose filter element is saturated and plugged but not replaced, the result is that suction decreased without incomplete filtration and the environment will be polluted.


Wrong concept 5. Only the imported air blower is good.


Imported air blower may possible be better in manufacturing process and quality than domestic one, but price is higher. Under the condition that purifying filter runs normally, many domestic air blowers are high in quality and cost performance. For example, the motor of our purifying system is characterized by small power high rotational speed, long service life and zero maintenance.


Wrong concept 6. The higher power is , the better product will be.


The higher power is, the greater noise will be, the higher power consumption and price will be. Therefore, it is recommened to select appropriate power and use automatic high-efficiency low-power motor depending upon applications; Though the power is small, but the suction is not small.


Wrong concept 7.  The higher air suction volume is, the btter product will be.


For industrial purifying filter, we usually consider negative pressure (The higher the negative pressure is, the higher suction will be), better than air suction volume. Even air suction volume is high, air suction may not be large.


Wrong concept 8. Buying a pipe-type exhaust fan can save money than buying a purifying filter.


1. Pipe-type exhaust fan discharges pollucted air outdoors without filtration, Indoor environment may get better temporarily, but outdoor enviroment will be polluted. This may lead to examination of environmental protection supervision departments.


2. Pipe-type exhaust fan would discharge cool air (or heating air) outdoors at the same time of evacuating smoke dust, from several hundred cubix meters for hour to several thousand cubic meters per hour, which will result in full-load operation of air-conditioning equipment and waste of electric energy. Profeesional smoke purifying filter performs indoor circulation.


3. Pipe-type exhaust fan usually have a very high motor power due to long pipe, generally over 5KW. However, a professional smoke purifying filter has a power consumption of about 80W to 320W, so it is quite electric energy saving.


4. Pipe-type exhaust fans are installed by fixed type, so they are not movable. In case of station relocation and workshop repair or demolition, nearly of them can not be used again.


5.  At the initial half a year subsequent to installation, pipe-type air exhaust system can have good air suction effect. However, after that period, its air suction effect will be at a discount; As a result, not only power is wasted, but also smoke is not completely discharged; the smoke dust not to be discharged out will cause harm to staff's bodies; occupational diseases or poisoning accidents are caused in this respect; In case combustible fine dust pies up on inner walls of pipes, there will be very high possibility of causing fire and explosion, so great importance needs to be attached to.


6. Even if only one welding station is working, the pipe-type air exhaust system will have to run wholly, but smoke dust filtering system is different; In this circumstance, only corresponding device needs to start up, very convenient and cost-saving.


Experimental data and application results prove that smoke dust purifying filter is handy, small, easy to install, flexible for movable and high maintenance value and able to solve problems above.



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