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Why the suction power of fume extractor reduce? We provide the soluctions to solve these questions.

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China Shenzhen New Oxygen Purification Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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Why the suction power of fume extractor reduce? We provide the soluctions to solve these questions.

In recent years, with the national environmental protection, and a series of environmental protection policies continue to strengthen supervision,  and to protect the health of workers, smoke purification equipment has been popularized and applied extensively in the factory production process.


Waterun's products are also widely known, after the smoke purifier used for a period of time, the staff may find suction of the fume extractor gets weaker than suction in the new machines.  Causing smoke, dust and particulates purification is not good, often mistaken for equipment quality problems, in fact, it is not.


The reasons for the suction of the smoke purifier are different. Now, let us analyze the specific reasons for the suction drop of the smoke purifier and the solutions to these problems!


First, the filter element of the smoke purifier is saturated and blocked.


The filter core of the smoke purifier is blocked and the air flow is not smooth, so that the suction of the purifier is reduced or even without suction. In this case, the machine will automatically sound and light alarm, the user should replace the filter elements in time. Use Waterun smoke purifier, usually, we suggest the replacement period for the pre-filter is every 2 months, the midle filter is every 2 to 6 months, the main filter is 6 months to a year, but the replacement period is according to the environment, the total dust, the working hours and other factors.


Second,  the smoke pipe of the smoke purifier blockage.


Smoke pipe of the fume extractor is responsible for the delivery of gas, if the blockage will lead to air resistance, so that the suction machine becomes small,  also should regularly clean up smoking pipe internal attachment of powder, particles, hair and other pollutants, these things are easy to let in the smoking pipe and the air inlet. In this case, the foreign articles can be removed and the suction of the equipment can be restored to normal.


Third, the machine and the smoking pipe is not sealed, causing leakage phenomenon


The the air inlet of smoke purifier and the smoke tube sealing is bad. For example: position of the assembly is not in place, or not connected, causing air inflow from the host air inlet edge pressure decreases, resulting in not enough suction. When this happens, it should be reassembled to eliminate the above phenomenon and ensure the tightness of the pipe and the air inlet.


Soldering smoke purifier

F6002 Solder fume extractor


The above is summed up in some practice smoke purifier suction reasons and solutions for your reference.


If you want to know more about the smoke purification scheme, please contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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