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Soldering Fume Extractor's Features and Applications.

China Shenzhen New Oxygen Purification Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Shenzhen New Oxygen Purification Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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Soldering Fume Extractor's Features and Applications.
Latest company news about Soldering Fume Extractor's Features and Applications.

Are you still worry about the solder fumes not purifying completely? Does the smell and fumes from workshop bother you? With Waterun smoke purifier, all problems are solved!


Waterun smoke purifier is brushless motor, universal smoking pipe, high quality insulation materials, intelligent operating system, low noise characteristics.


Waterun fume extractor, it is important for the industry immersion tin, soldering iron, a small tin stoves, laser mark, medical moxibustion, acupuncture and other fileds.

Solder Smoke purifier's important features:

1, the brushless motor, low noise high speed, run stable, long life, low power consumption, stable performance (motor zero maintenance support, zero supplies).

2, type placement variable speed, which can be remotely controlled, air volume can be adjusted.

3, with the filter element blockage effect of sound and light alarm

4, multiple filtration system to ensure hazardous substances in smoke filter thoroughly

5, all of the filter can be replaced individually, it extends the filters life and reduces the cost.

6 , compliance with EU CE certification, the national quality inspection certification.

Waterun Solder smoke purifier Instructions:

1. Open the computer cover, and turn to the chassis is loaded correctly in high efficiency filters, in effect filter, the early effect of cotton, covered with lid, snap buckle on both sides.

( Note: The cover must be smooth load on the box; there are inclined not be forcibly pushed, or it may cause damage to the cabinet and snap.)

2, the top cover of the smoke tube into the flange, and the other end connected to the hoods; rotating tube, according to the use of different occasions regulate smoking mouths direction.

( Note: When adjusting the direction of the smoke pipe, try to keep the tube body gently curved, otherwise it will affect the suction force of the smoking mouths to be positive for the operating point, as far as possible to maintain the distance of 150mm or less, to ensure that material can be completely smoke inhalation

Attention. : Do not place large air flow, so as not to reduce the suction or disappeared; suitably adjusted length of the pipeline, the longer the pipe, the suction will be smaller; on the contrary, the greater the suction).

 3, connect the power cord, and check the power plug is stable and firm.

4. Turn on the right side of the power switch, and then adjust the air volume knob to the left according to the actual needs of the air volume.


( Note: Before soldering fume extraction starts, the speed control switch position to adjust the minimum wind speed.)

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