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Misuses of Purifier, fume extractor

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China Shenzhen New Oxygen Purification Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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Misuses of Purifier, fume extractor

Misuse 1: a machine can be connected to more pipe location(work station), the better


The maximum inlet pressure of a purifying equipment is certain. The more work station be connected to it, the greater the pressure loss, and the smaller the suction force of a single work station, so that the fume and dust cannot be completely inhaled into machine, but directly scattered to the workshop or outdoor. So the number of connecting work stations should be confirmed by amount of fume and dust generated by it.



Misuses 2: the greater the suction, the better


The greater the suction, the greater the power consumption, and the noise will be increased, so the suction should be appropriate to the use interface! Not the bigger the better!




Misuse 3: the higher filtration rate, the better


High filteration rate itself is not bad, the problem is based on the using enviorment, if there is any need to achieve a very high filtration rate? For example, the operating room or laboratory has a very high demand for the cleanliness of air: but in the factory workshop, there is no need to use the high "filtration rate" like the hospital operating room.


The higher the "filtration rate", the more sophisticated the filtration system will be, and the greater the air resistance, so the higher the cost will be.



Misuse 4: the greater power, the better


The greater the power, the larger the noise will be, the more energy consumption, the higher the price will be. According to the using situation, choosing the appropriate power, using independent high efficiency, low power motor, although the power is small. the suction is not small.



Misuse 5: the more the air flow, the better


Industrial purifiers focus mainly on negative pressure (when negative pressure is high, the suction force is greater), not the air flow. Even though the air flow is large, it may not necessarily in great suction force.


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