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Harm of Soldering smoke for people's health

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China Shenzhen New Oxygen Purification Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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Harm of Soldering smoke for people's health

During soldering process, it gives off a large amount of smoke, of which 95% is from particular matter produced by soldering flux and 5% is consituted by harmful gases. Meanwhile, large amount of harmful gases will also be produced during cleaning, spraying and other working environments and these pollutants will cause great harm to operators and environment. In Europe, protection to welding workers and emvironment is executed forcibly in the form of law enforcement. Welding is forbidden without any protective measure and there are specific regulations on treatment and protection of pollution produced during production is standard ISO 14000.


Smokes produced by lead-free solder wire during welding are formed when soldering flux in solder wire meets high temperature electric iron, which contains rosin and chemical raw materials and long-term inhalation of smokes may have a negative effect human body.


Rosin in solder wire is mainly composed of abietic acid (80%), hydrocarbon resins, volatile oil and trace bitter substances.


As the working temperature of solder wire may be up to 250 degree during welding, some oxides may be decomposed into carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases. The ester volatility gas and suspends will have mild irritation to eyes. Moreover, there are also acetaldehyde, abietic acid, isocyanate and hydrocarbon. Those harmful substances are causing harm to people's health and result in many occupational diseases, such as lung cancer, asthma, eczema, bronchitis, skin allergy, respiratory tract infections and eye disease.


All in all, Health is very important!!!

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